We educate and prepare our clients  on how to improve their credit score.


We dispute derogatory accounts from charge-offs to bankruptcies.


Our plan of attack is to simply help our clients reach their goals and dreams.

Access Your FREE Credit Report!!!

Access your full credit report for free once every 12 months. Click on link.


Credit Reporting Agency (CRA), also known as credit bureaus, compiles, analyzes and maintain records of your credit history from credit cards companies, banks, mortgage lenders, and other credit information.

Are your LOW SCORES holding you back?? BOOST your Credit Score NOW!!!

NUICC is fully committed to each and every client. We assist our clients in improving their credit score by eliminating derogatory accounts from collections, charge-offs to bankruptcies. We offer a SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE and AFFORDABLE plan.


We also specialize in serving the mortgage community. Our simple and effective credit repair process have successfully qualified our clients with an approved credit score, a low interest rate and into their dream home. We have helped our clients remove discrepancies from their CR. Please understand each case is unique and may vary according to your credit history.



Mortgage Professionals

Our Mortgage loan officers are pleased with our simple and effective plan. We are expediting their client’s credit repair process by raising their score faster and loan approved, instead of dragging the process on and on. Lenders are updated throughout the whole process. We explain all deletions and improvements being done on their client's credit profile. Nevertheless, get preapproved for a home loan before you start home shopping. The higher your score, the less you have to worry about a few points making a difference. A SOLID score can help you save $$$ and obtain the best terms and rates.




The highest compliment you can give us is the referral of a new client. Feel free to forward our business name to family and friends. Thank you in advance for each and every referral.


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